Sikh Studies Conference 2015

Current Issues and Conclusion

Uniformity of Sikh Identity in the  Military, Captain Harjot Singh Gill

Captain Harjot Singh Gill will discuss the pros and cons of various degrees of Sikh identity in the military. Should there be uniformity within the British Military as a strategy to influence the wider British youth, and international youth? On commissioning Lieutenant Harjot Singh Gill took command of his first troop, in Oxfordshire and deployed with them on a tour of Basra and Alamara, Iraq. Shortly after his return to the UK he deployed to Northern Ireland as a Brigade Staff Officer, where he controlled military assets in a counter-terrorism role in 2005. He was promoted to Captain in late 2006. In 2009, he deployed to the Falklands Islands as Officer Commanding of the Ground Defence Force and again with dual responsibilities as Logistical Second-in-Command. On his return to the United Kingdom in 2010, he was appointed as Communication and Messaging Officer for 4 Mechanized Brigade. A unit, that was in preparation to deploy to Afghanistan. In 2013 Captain Harjot Singh Gill took the difficult decision to leave the Army in a view to transit into the private sector. He is currently in the latter stages of completing an MBA at Brunel Business School in London.